S2D Ready Node

S2D Ready Node

S2D Server Node

Delivering a complete hybrid cloud computing infrastructure for modern enterprises, the DataON S2D-5000 family of server nodes is a key foundational building block for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions and business continuity platforms Designed for optimized compute, storage and network server architecture, DataON works closely with key partners to integrate industry-leading technology innovation into its S2D-5000 family of server nodes.

Designed and validated through rigorous testing, DataON S2D-5000 server nodes are the basis for DataON solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. Azure Stack is an evolution of data center computing that blends Windows Server technologies with new Azure management service integration. These server ready-nodes feature the same Hyper-V based software-defined compute, storage, and networking as Azure Stack and share familiar testing and validation criteria.

DataON S2D-5000 server nodes are also the basis for Intel® Select Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and SQL Server from DataON. Powered by 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ DC SSDs, Intel Select Solutions reduce the time required to evaluate, select, and purchase hardware for today’s workloads and applications. These server ready-nodes are vigorously benchmark-tested with today’s high-priority workloads, helping businesses realize smooth deployments and optimal performance.

Part of Microsoft validated solutions
Get up and running quickly and reliably with Azure Stack HCI solutions that feature the same compute, storage, and networking capabilities as Azure Stack.

Verified for performance on Intel® architecture
Intel® Select solutions provide benchmark-tested configurations to help businesses realize smooth deployments and optimal performance.

Optimized power and performance at peak efficiency
Run cooler, save on data center OPEX, and reduce eco-footprint.

Breakthrough performance and dramatically reduced disk latency
Intel® Optane™ SSDs deliver lightning fast performance with Intel® 3D NAND technology for superior cache tiering and demanding storage workloads.


S2D-5108i S2D-5208i S2D-5212i S2D-5216i S2D-5224i S2D-5230


Form Factor

1U / 1-node rack
8x 2.5″
2U / 1-node rack
8x 2.5”
2U / 1-node rack
12x 3.5”
2U / 1-node rack
16x 2.5”
2U / 1-node rack
4x 2.5″
2U / 1-node rack
6x 2.5” and 24x 3.5”

4U / 1-node rack
8x 2.5″ and 60x 3.5″

Drive Bay Config

8x NVMe U.2 2x NVMe U.2
and 10x SAS/SATA
24x NVMe U.2 6x NVMe U.2
and 24x SAS/SATA
6x 2.5″ NVMe U.2
and 24x 3.5″ SAS/SATA

8x 2.5″
and 60x 3.5″ SAS/SATA


2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable

CPU Cores

Dual socket, 16-48 cores per node




128GB to 1.5TB DDR4 2933MHz
per node

128GB to 1TB DDR4 2933MHz
per node


24 slots

16 slots

Boot Drive

Dual SATA M.2 Dual SATA

Dual SATA M.2

PCIe Slot Config

2x PCIe 3.0 x16 7x PCIe 3.0 x8 2x PCIe 3.0 x16

6x PCIe 3.0 x16

Onboard Network Ports

2x 10GbE RJ45
+ 2x 10GbE SFP+ mezz
2x 10GbE RJ45 2x 1GbE RJ45

2x 10GbE RJ45


1x 25GbE SFP28
or 2x 40/50/100GbE QSFP28
dual-port RDMA adapter

2x 25GbE SFP28
or 2x 40/50/100GbE QSFP28
dual-port RDMA adapters




Power Supply

Dual 1100W@100-240V Dual 1300W@100-240V Dual 1600W@200-240V

Dual 2000W@200-240V


1.72″ H x 16.93″ W x 27.95″ D 3.44″ H x 16.93″ W x 27.95″ D 3.44″ H x 17.63″ W x 32.50″ D

6.89″ H x 17.61″ W x 43.27″ D