Hardware Support Services

Hardware Support Services

Hardware Support Services


Flexible support for all your hardware

The IT infrastructure is often seen as the lifeblood of an organisation. Organisations grow and change, and the infrastructure changes along with it. This results in an infrastructure that combines new, old and even end-of-life hardware through upscaling, innovation and a host of other possibilities. This situation often works well for the organisation, but it may be less advantageous when it comes to extending current support contracts and closing new ones.

There’s no reason for a complete replacement, with the related investments
and risks, just because the basic manufacturer guarantees and support expire. At the same time, it is not always easy to look beyond the investment window. You want to retain flexibility and the freedom to change the priorities of your business.


Continuity for your organisation

A standard support extension offered by the vendor is not always flexible enough. It takes little account of a possible combination of new and old or even end-of-life hardware configurations. As a result, a necessary extension becomes very costly and you are encouraged to consider (partially) replacing the existing environment.

But there is no need for that! XCES provides affordable support to extend the life of your IT systems for a particular period of time. This support consists of Silver Services and Gold Services, which can handle minor, major and critical hardware incidents.

The Hardware Services Packages


Additional Hardware Support Services:

  • Pro-active Services – Periodic System Health Checks
  • Pre-installation
  • Installations
  • Staging including configuration
  • Racks and stacks
  • Data center Services

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